Timecon Ltd. systems and projects is a recognized provider of sophisticated technological solutions for Defense and Homeland Security applications.

With many years of accumulated experience backing a strong command of the most advanced modern technologies, the company’s engineers specialize in the development and production of integrated solutions for a variety of airborne, ground and surface naval platforms. These include:


Airborne displays.

Naval displays.

Ground forces displays.

Video systems.

Rugged computers.

Control boxes.

simulators cockpit control boxes.

Hardware and software solutions for real-time systems.


Timecon Ltd. was founded by owner – Nathan Tarter, in 1998.

The company has extensive experience (hundreds projects) in developing and manufacturing cost effective tailor-made high technology products.

The company's capabilities cover the full spectrum of military and commercial products - from relatively simple hardware to sophisticated electronic and electro-optic systems - with specialized expertise in cockpit control panels displays and video systems.

Timecon is ISO9001 certified organization, and well known for its high quality products.


Timecon LTD. Systems is a Project oriented company witch develop and manufacture sophisticated computer embedded equipment to use in harsh environment electronic avionic and military system